New Habits Book On Mindful Meditation For Beginners Climbs Amazon Seller Ranks

Latest publication in the One New Habit Book Series, "Mindful Mediation For Beginners From Zero To Zen In Ten", is climbing the Amazon best seller's rank in the mediation category and breaking stereotypes of what it takes to practice mindfulness.

Grace Steven’s latest book in the One New Habit Book Series, “Mindful Meditation For Beginners From Zero To Zen in Ten – A No-Nonsense Starters Guide For Seekers and Skeptics”, is off to a promising start and quickly rising up the ranks of Amazon best sellers in Meditation category. The fifth book in the successful “One New Habit” series is aimed at helping people reduce stress, decrease anxiety and depression and improve many areas of their physical and mental health through the practice of mindfulness meditation.

As with other books in the “One New Habit” series, Stevens employs a signature fun and conversational style to break down seemingly difficult learning goals into simple, easy to implement steps. Stevens draws on not only the most current research out of Harvard and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, but on her own 35 years of experience in meditation and mindfulness practice.

“We now have the science to back up what the mystics have been telling us for centuries,” remarks Stevens, “practicing mindfulness and meditation simply makes your experience of life better. Your health and your overall well being both benefit from this simple, yet effective, practice.”

As the title of the book suggests, one does not need to be a trained yogi to receive great benefits from mindfulness meditation. “Mindful Meditation For Beginners From Zero To Zen In Ten” includes practices that range from five to ten minutes, and even a whole section of the immense benefits of practicing single “mindful minutes” throughout the day. In order to help people get immediately started with their practice, purchase of the book includes a free audio download of appropriate ambient music and even a link to a meditation timer.

Although geared towards beginners, there is plenty in the book for seasoned practitioners looking for fresh ideas to deepen their practice. As one reviewer points out, “This book has something for everyone. The novice, who is intimidated by the whole “meditation practice” idea – and the the more experienced who is looking for ideas and tips on making meditation a habit that becomes part of daily life.”

Mindful Meditation For Beginners From Zero To Zen In Ten” is available on Amazon at the link provided here. A digital copy of the book retails for $2.99 and a paperback copy is currently $7.99. All other titles in the “One New Habit” book series can be found at Grace Steven’s author site.

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