New Guinness World Record For Ice Skating

Skate Great, organizer of the new Skate Great Skating Line, announced their Guinness World Record of "The Longest Line on Skates." event will be held in Canalside Ice Rink in Buffalo, NY on January 16, 2016.

Ice Skaters wanting to help break the Guinness World Book Record for the longest line of skaters can register to attend Skate Great Skating Line scheduled for January 16, 2016 in Buffalo New York.

Skate Great is sponsoring this year’s event, where over 360 skaters will be joining together to form the longest line of skaters ever. The goal is to max out the Canalside rink with 600 skaters, setting a new record that will stand for the ages.

The line must be intact when skating starts, and stay together for 5 trips around the ice rink.

Skaters are requested to be ages 13 and up. They must have their own skates, and be of a strong skating ability. Coaches and those with exceptional skating skills will be spaced out throughout the line to help keep everyone together.

Full details on this historical attempt can be found on the company website at Simply click on “Contact Us” to submit a form requsting more information or call the office at (716) 580-3458.

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, Jessica Roswell , Skate Great’s Director said:.

“This is such an exciting opportunity and event that will draw a huge amount of attention to Buffalo! Please let me know if you are interested (along with any other family members or friends) in helping.”

Skate Great is helping to promote this event in conjunction with the new Canalside Buffalo ice rink. Canalside is at the heart of Buffalo’s waterfront revitalization. It is located in the city’s downtown corridor, at the intersection of Pearl Street and Marine Drive.

The Skate Great website has full details about for connecting with the coaches and how local people can get involved with this record-breaking attempt. Interested skaters can visit the website at:

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