New Guilt-Free Goals Book For People Struggling With Mental Health Conditions

Amira Sookram, Health Psychology Specialist & Author of, "Goal Setting 101: Taking Imperfect Action Toward Your Dream Self," a guide that lays out a proven, time-tested method for achieving goals.

Traditional “Goalsetting” books and experts expect mainstream methods to work for everyone, however, not everyone is the same.

Brain scans and recent studies show that those with Mental Health struggles are due to low neurotransmitters; dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, and this imbalance makes traditional strategies challenging.

The author of, “Guilt-Free Goals – Taking Imperfect Action”, Amira A. Sookram, struggled with clinical mental illness and anxiety since age 16, and it was when she took her first class in Health Psychology that gave her a rude awakening as she learned about the long-term effects of Major Depressive Disorder. In this pivotal, life changing class, her Profession gave an assignment to set a goal or break a habit.

Little did Amira know, after one month of consistently practicing her new goal, “practice yoga at least 10 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” she ended up practicing yoga almost every day for an entire month, however her mental health was still very poor.

She was determined to continue with her yoga practice and after 1 year of consistency, Amira began to notice how making one change cascaded into other parts of her life.

With fervent determination to conquer her Major Depressive Disorder and to live a full, healthy life, she dug into the science and spent time researching, applying and designing a, “Guilt-Free Goal – Taking Imperfect Action” book to help others take control of their mental illness by using techniques that helped her transcend a depressed mental state, and to fully live a vibrant, fun, exciting, social life – and you can do the same.

It’s possible to transcend a depressed brain state and live a full vibrant life. You will find novel ideas and tips to help you in your journey, however, if you’re at an advanced depressive state, please continue to seek professional help.

Most conventional Goalsetting books were written with, “you gotta hustle” attitude, when in fact, most people struggle to achieve their goals which adds unnecessary guilt.

If you struggle with mental health and find it difficult to achieve your goals, Amira’s new book, “Guilt-Free Goals” uncovers new research and novel techniques to apply in your life to help you achieve your dreams by accomplishing your goals without external pressures.

To live your dream life, one must know, “what they want.”

Too often when people are asked, “what do you want?”, most reply with, “what they DON’T want.” As a result, focusing on what they DON’T want brings about more of what they DON’T want.

There is science, proven strategies, a method to living your dream life, and that all begins with how your goals are structured, coupled with the right mindset and habits.

There’s a right way to structure your goals for success.

In Amira’s new Book, “Guilt-Free Goals – Taking Imperfect Action” it lays out a new method of setting and achieving goals without the added pressures by society or naysayers in your life.

Here are just a few Topics to help you with goalsetting:

➼ #1: Guilt-Free Goals

In starting the goal setting journey, remember that it is a process of failure, trial and error, and learning how to trust yourself to do new things. It must viscerally feel right, if not, it will not work which leads to feeling guilty.

➼ #2: The Gap Theory

The Gap Theory was first developed by Carl Rogers and later named “The Gap Theory” by Dan Sullivan and other business experts. The theory states that there is a gap between your Current Self (who you are right now) and your Ideal or Dream Self (who you want to be.) Goal setting is important because it helps you bridge the gap between your Current and your Ideal Self.

In “Guilt-Free Goals – Taking Imperfect Action” there’s an interactive exercise to help you explore and define your ideal life.

➼ #3: Mental Health & Resilience

In goal setting, the intention is for your goals to feel good since change is difficult. You have to target your thoughts and/or behaviours to change how you feel. When you change your behaviour by taking imperfect action toward your Dream Self, your thoughts and feelings will change as a result.

When you make long-lasting, positive change to your behaviour, you will notice your feelings and thoughts shifting. For example, when Amira used to go to the gym or go to a spin class inconsistently, she would feel great afterward, then the good feelings would fade. In contrast, when Amira started practicing yoga daily, within a few months she noticed her feelings and thoughts started transforming. Every week that Amira remained committed to her practice moved her closer to her Dream Self.

The idea behind using goal setting to aid your mental health is to change your behaviour as a way to see a positive shifts in your thoughts and feelings. It’s important to make behavioural changes that will bring you ease and joy.

➼ #4: Building Your Goal – The Rubber Meets The Road

Goal setting is a skill that you can use to cope with the everyday challenges. Setting goals will help you build healthy habits by taking imperfect action toward your Dream Self!

With lots of interactive exercises, this section of the book is about moving from the planning stage into action!

Learn how to build guilt-free goals that work for you and your lifestyle, so that you can take consistent action toward your Dream Self. As you practice setting a new goal, you have the opportunity to observe and create awareness around what works for you and what doesn’t.

In “Guilt-Free Goals – Taking Imperfect Action” you will learn exactly how to move from where you are to where you want to be by setting goals that work perfectly for you and your lifestyle. From learning how to set boundaries with loved ones to building your most ideal life, “Guilt-Free Goals” is designed to help you achieve your goals for those struggling with mental health.

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