New Guided Walking Tour in Eureka Springs For History, Scenery, Victorian Homes

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Big Bang Tours is a new service in Eureka Springs Arkansas offering a guided walking tour of scenic Spring Street. The touring service also shares history of various Victorian homes and people.

A new touring service is offering guided walking tours including some outside views of Victorian homes in Eureka Springs Arkansas. The service, known as Big Bang Tours, will guide people along what may be the most scenic and historically beautiful and significant streets in the town.

Views will be from the street or sidewalk, and while the service does not include entering Victorian houses, their history will be told along with stories of many of the influential and interesting people that helped form the town into something unique.

This guided experience will entertain a small group down the historic sidewalks of Spring Street,once known as the “silk stocking district” of this small town.

The one hour experience will serve as an alternative to the “haunted” tours that the Arkansas town is also famous for.

The walking tour will include back stories and interesting tales of Eureka Springs. It will pass by a number of historic Victorian and historic homes as well as old stone walls and some of the springs that the area is known for.

Groups will meet by the sidewalk area in front of the Post office located at 101 Spring Street, Eureka Springs, 72632. Tour times will include most weekends and other times as announced on the website Big Bang

This new option for tourists and travelers beginning in September of 2021. Prices and times are listed on the website and visitors should see that for schedule and openings. Alex Haley, owner and manager, has had a variety of experience as a guide, and has led historic tours as well as those at the Crescent Hotel. The new venture offers an option to the current touring themes, often operating with a focus toward the haunted.

The Spring Street venture is more about history and discovery. This experience includes stories and observations about various Victorian homes and some of the interesting people that lived there. It is scenic, showing some of the beauty of the grounds and architecture of what combined to make a place that still attracts many thousands of travelers each year from America and around the world.

In 1890 Spring Street was known as the prettiest Boulevard of the day in the 1890’s. Many still consider it to be distinguished in this way. This mostly residential section has an impressive collection of Victorian architecture along the many different homes. The sidewalks in many areas there are as old as the town itself.

The neighborhood where this tour takes place is relatively flat and does not involve much in the way of stairs. Children are welcome at half price, though most would consider it to be an activity for adults.

This guided walking experience is intended to help people discover the curiosities, wonders and history of Eureka Springs in a way they would not otherwise obtain. Any interested may use this link for this guided tour of Victorian homes in Eureka Springs.

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