New Guide Released on Finding Exclusive Buyers Agents & Colorado Homes for Sale

What should buyers and sellers do differently this fall and winter? Exclusive buyers agents in Colorado and other states can assist their clients as fiduciaries to buy property at a fair price.

A just-released talk radio commentary explains the reasons why consumers may wish to consider a different marketing plan and approach in selling homes in the fall and winter months in Colorado and other states.

The real estate radio show host, Barry Miller, pointed out that this year, more homes were listed on the market in the summer months and sold more quickly. Right after 4th of July, there’s typically a slow down on housing sales because schools start much early than they used to. Therefore homes may take a little longer to sell in the fall than in previous years.

The commentary summary may be found here:

The Colorado host highlighted 3 things seller agents could do differently to make the house sell quickly during the August through December time period.

The Miller Stanley real estate company is based in Denver Colorado. Radio show host Barry Miller believes it is important to have the house inspected before putting it on the market. Consumers should have a written statement from the inspectors that includes the current status of the house’s facilities, units and systems. Performing a thorough market analysis is also vital to make sure the house is neither under priced or over priced.

The summary also mentioned the key points in looking for true fiduciary agents. The host emphasized that consumers should always ask for the company’s policies and procedure manuals and review the fiduciary duty and fiduciary level of service section. A fiduciary agent will ensure a smooth and faster transaction for the consumers because they will have loyalty and dedication throughout the home buying or selling process.

In Colorado, the state law requires every realtor company to have a written policy manual that describes whether the company has a policy of agency or transaction brokerage, or a combination of both.

The report also gave steps on how to sort out fiduciary agents, including interviewing multiple agents and asking agents the simple question, “How do you get paid?”.

Kathleen Chiras of the Buyer Agent Search service says that there are 4 important factors to look for in selection of an agent. She says a referral service should “keep an eye on agents to make sure they’re doing a good job.” as well as provide good interview questions for consumers to uncover exactly how the agent will work for them. She also encourages consumers to interview at least 2 or agents and use the interview questions to know who will be loyal to them.

Full trustees can also be found in the Colorado not-for-profit association website at

The commentators announced that a boot camp will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018, which will educated consumers in steps on buying and selling a house. This boot camp will allow consumers to have power and control of the housing transactions. Details on the exact time and place may be obtained by emailing or calling staff at either of the above-mentioned sites.

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