New Guide Released on Buying Investment Properties in CA with a Buyers Agent

A new guide for home-buyers for buying investment properties in California and other states is published by the National Buyers Agent Association. It contains guidance on duties of a buyers agent.

The National Buyers Agent Association released a new guide to help home buyers who are looking for investment properties in California. The guide details some of the benefits of hiring a buyers agent and the best places to buy investment homes in the state of CA.

A summary of the guide can be found here:

The guide points to how crucial it is, especially for first-time investment home buyers, to obtain a property they desire with the help of a buyers agent. Some key points are provided to guide home buyers who might feel intimidated about hiring an agent to represent them in the buying process. The guide provides a list of suggestions of the best property investment cities/towns, including some lesser know towns like Williams, Big Bear Lake, Calistoga or Woodside.

The guide stresses that consumers educate themselves about market trends, where are best locations, and what areas to avoid when buying an investment property in CA..

California has different areas with completely different market trends. Knowing how each differs from the other is an advantage investors should be aware of. Some parts of CA markets are highly priced, such as the San Francisco area where median prices are well over $1 million. This is sometimes caused by the rapid development in technologies and more high-paying jobs available, such as in Silicon Valley. Yet many tech companies are also pulling out of the area and relocating to hubs in Colorado or Texas.

Other parts of the CA have average home prices that are much lower. A good buyers agent should be able to narrow down the home search for every investor.

The main benefits and advantage of hiring a buyers agent were discussed as follows: Buyer agents know the best resources to help their clients determine what property and area to look for. Also, they have extraordinary negotiating skills. Good ones will also have access to off-market properties.Other calculations and CAP rates of return must be done to determine return on investment for rental properties. Every investor wants to know if the rental income will cover anticipated expenses. There are many ways to research online for available properties in a neighborhood or an area. However, because the big portals are pulling their information after local sources publish them, many times properties are no longer available or under contract. This happens a lot when dealing with a hot market, like in many areas in California. Inventory is low, and there will be multiple competing offers.

The bottom line is, the guide highly recommends getting the assistance of a buyers agent, and be prepared to do research. From knowing what are the best areas to buy a property, to being educated about possible returns is important in making an investment decision.

The National Buyers Agent Association, managed by Skyfor, has given real estate buyers and sellers assistance for more than 20 years. Initial home buyer counseling is provided through this service. The service suggests top buyer agents in California and explains the home-buying process. All agents in the network are capable of giving their clients a list of reliable local lenders.

The CA buyers agents network page at gives a long list of possible agents with name, office number, areas served, and the agent’s message provided. The service routinely follows up with consumers to make sure the agents are doing an excellent job for them. The association website provides home buying or selling tips, and instant access to a list of buyer agent profiles in all 50 states via an inquiry form located at This free list of agents is available 7 days/week, and live staff are available to discuss specific questions. The inquiry form encourages visitors to specify their initial contact preferences of text, email or phone, and whether they are seeking mortgage assistance.

Association management company Skyfor, Inc. also manages the non-profit association for buyers seeking property for sale in Colorado, the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association.

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