New Guest Blogging Opportunity For Luxury Travel Writers With MAJESTICGLOBE.COM

Luxury travel blog is looking for professional travel bloggers and new guest writers to join their team and share experiences and tips about luxury global travel in their unique voice.

Majestic Globe,, a new online luxury travel hub based in the UK is on the lookout for established bloggers and freelance writers who can produce entertaining and informative content about their travel experiences.

“Everyone loves to read a personal story and honest review of the places they are thinking of visit”, says MajesticGlobe’s Editor Joe Cooper.”We are looking for great writers with a genuine interest and experience in five star accommodation and personal knowledge of luxury travel locations”.

Although there had been some controversy about Guest Blogging due to online marketers flooding the internet with poor quality content Majestic Globe believes that multi-author websites that publish high quality content provided a better service for its readers and create an opportunity for writers to showcase their talents.

“We believe that Guest Blogging is about building sustainable relationships that help both the author and the website look better.” Cooper said “The benefits are three fold. Our members get broader and more diverse content than our in house writers can produce. Freelance writers and bloggers get exposure to a new audience. Our website grows in popularity. It’s a win for all parties”. Cooper said

Submitting Content to Majestic Globe:

Majestic Globe’s membership consists of travellers who love the finer things in life, it brings their readers information the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway to the world of luxury vacations for the discerning travellers.

The website’s is interested developing a long term arrangement with writers who can provide original, fun and interesting content about their best experience across the UK and International five star and luxury travel scene. Content considered for publication may be submitted in a variety of formats. In addition to written articles the website is open to featuring film, vlogs, music, comics, and visual art provided it supports written content or relates to the topic at hand. Interested parties can learn more from the website at this page

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