New Gross but Funny Free App on iOS and Android Launching Soon

A Well Run Life announced the availability of their new Free App on iOS and Android "Booger Flick" beginning October 31st, 2016. Sign up for more information at

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This is for people who like silly games and wholesome ways to be distracted. Players looking for the latest Free App on iOS and Android will soon be able to download Booger Flick by A Well Run Life. Today Peter M Deeley Jr., A Well Run Life’s Founder at A Well Run Life releases details of Booger Flick’s development.

Booger Flick is designed to appeal specifically to people who love silly games on their phone and includes:

Flicking Boogers is fun – This feature was included because: Booger Flick will safely bring to life the desire everyone has to flick boogers from the seat of their car. This will give hours of enjoyment for young boys everywhere who love gross stuff.

The images are funny – The characters will crack people up with their comic book feel. On the bus – Passenger side in the car – Stuck in a line – Booger Flick will rescue people from boredom anywhere they are stuck.

Simple and hypnotic – A Well Run Life made sure to make this part of the Free App on iOS and Android’s development so that there is not a lot of thinking required. Customers will likely appreciate this because players will relax as they laugh through the game.

Peter M Deeley Jr., when asked about Booger Flick said:

“Play is key component to health and wellness. We took a break from our serious work and decided to have some fun”

This product sits among A Well Run Life’s other health and wellness products release of a new product and Peter M Deeley Jr. is particularly excited about this release because A Well Run Life wants to bring some whimsy into people’s lives.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at

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