New Google Play Android App Marketing Packages Launched announced the launch of their new fully-managed Android app marketing packages. These packages are designed to drive downloads through several incentive advertising networks to promote apps on the Google Play store.

When an Android app is created, a proper marketing campaign is necessary to ensure it gets in front of the target audience. Whether it is an app or a game, the marketing needs to be done sufficiently and to the proper audience. This will help to increase sales and the overall notoriety of the app developer.

Labinator is a marketing company that has just recently launched a set of fully-managed Android app marketing packages. These are designed to promote a game or app in the Google Play store. It can help to increase app downloads, which also results in a developer reaching higher ranks and better conversion rates.

Labinator, found at, takes their marketing packages a step further. They analyze the app with its data before being submitted to the advertising networks. The campaign will continue to be optimized in order to get the best possible results. The campaign will stay active until its specified goals are met.

Tech Crunch estimates that there are currently 1.4 billion active users globally responsible for using Android devices. Many of these people choose to use apps and games from the Google Play store for purposes of entertainment as well as to be more efficient in their lives.

Labinator will market the app through an array of incentive-based advertising networks. This is done while targeting a list of relevant geographic locations. This will secure downloads/installs. It is 100 percent guaranteed and the cost is calculated per install.

Multiple features are encompassed within the marketing packages. This includes high retention campaigns, geo-targeting, fraud prevention, detailed reports, and expert support. The company prides themselves on offering packages that can meet anyone’s assigned marketing budget.

“The importance of Android app marketing and advertising grew exponentially in the last few years with the increase of smartphone users.”, says Roland Zelhof, CEO of Labinator, “As a result, getting real targeted downloads for the Android applications became an essential marketing task rather than an optional one.”

The online-based international service makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of these app marketing packages. “I’ve been impressed by the number of downloads I got immediately upon launching my app,” comments a developer in Boston.

Labinator offers a wide array of web services, ranging from WordPress solutions to Internet marketing consultation. They specialize in Android marketing services, and with more than 10 years of experience, they are prepared to offer the new Android app marketing packages to help app and game developers penetrate the market and gain more downloads.

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