New Geo Seo optimization service from Million Guy Media Goes Live on May 15th

Million Guy Media announced the launch of their new website optimization service called GEO SEO beginning on 5-15-2015. Service provides small and big online entrepreneurs to capture lots of free traffic from Google, Bing and YouTube.

The advent of online shopping and businesses has certainly changed the face of commerce as a whole, but this change has created an entirely new struggle for customers and customer loyalty. The sheer number of choices available to the average consumer for any product or service is astounding, so online retailers have to use any tools at their disposal to attract traffic to their sites. The secret lies in SEO, search engine optimization.

Changes in the algorithms of SEO mean that what worked two years ago may not be as effective now, and in some cases, this outdated SEO techniques can be counterproductive. Major search engines, such as Google, will bury your site deep within their pages, often to pages people rarely, if ever, visit.

“Research shows that 90 percent of traffic never click beyond the first page of results. For a small niche business, this can be the difference between survival and failure. This is where my company and I step in to help,” said Matt Oke, CEO of Million Guy Media.

Million Guy Media works with local, small businesses to reach out to areas within certain locations. This technique, localization, is highly favored by Google with their most recent changes in the search algorithm. Oke refers to it as GeoSeo.

Now, specific individuals looking to shop locally and within a certain area will find the goods and services they are seeking. This translates into more sales to a business because of the increased focus on localized interest.

“Consider this. There are over 50,000 cities in the U.S. alone, and most of these cities will have more than one niche business trying to cash in on Internet traffic. Without the knowledge and understanding of localization, a business’ SEO program is hemorrhaging money without translating into positive income. In other words, they are going under rapidly,” said Oke.

Oke’s techniques help pull a page into the coveted first page, and some customers report levels as high as the second or third link.

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