New Garden Supplies For Axes Rakes Pole Saws Loppers

The 46 category photographic display in new e-commerce store helps make it just as easy to find small items such as rakes, spades and loppers or something larger like lawn mowers, tillers and wheelbarrows.

Check the new website here. has recently launched its new e-commerce store. The objective is to enable customers to select small tools such as rakes, loppers, trimmers and axes as well as the much larger items like wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, utility carts and tillers all from one website.

The online store has been designed specifically for ease of selection. This will be a tremendous help to customers who are not familiar with searching for products on the internet as well as seasoned surfers. All items have been categorized and are easily identifiable from the accompanying photographs.

The number of categories, currently 46, will continue to grow as new lines are added. In addition to the basic tools like spades, rakes, pole saws,loppers and garden hand tool sets, many of the larger items such as robotic and ride on lawn mowers, chainsaws, tillers, fertilizers and garden carts all have their own categories.

The number of items in each category is also clearly set out. Customers can easily and quickly see a selection of whatever tools or equipment they are interested in and compare the different functions, qualities and prices.

Each item has a comprehensive description in addition to having from 1 to 6 photos. Customer reviews are also available giving valuable feedback from actual users. The products are rated by users from 1 to 5 stars with the feedback usually explaining the reasons for their choice. Customer reviews can help people with their decisions as they often explain details which were not clearly set out by the manufacturers.

The CEO of, Harvey du Cros said, “There is a growing need for gardening tools and equipment as more people than ever are growing their own food at home or in a community garden. A report by the National Gardening Association published in 2014, showed this number had grown by 17% in 5 years to 42 million households”.

He went on to say “This growing demand for gardening tools and equipment could now be met through There are several thousand items available and we endeavor to provide the lowest prices at all times”.

Their new website can be viewed here to check out how easy it is to find the right mower, utility cart, chainsaw or any other garden tool that is required.

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