New Free Relaxation Workshop for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Free Relaxation Workshop to help successful high performing real estate agents and brokers enjoy a healthy wealthy lifestyle

Today Change Perspective a company announced a free training that may help successful high performing real estate agents and brokers enjoy a healthy wealthy lifestyle. For more than 20 years Cecil McIntosh the owner of Change Perspective has been teaching entrepreneurs to relax. He has shared his advice around the world. And he has even worked with more than 2,000 heart, stroke and cancer patients in hospital teaching about health and relaxation by the bedside.

Real estate agents and brokers looking to get rid of anxiety and anxiousness, Change Perspective is offering to help with a free online training session on how to eliminate their sense of overwhelm by always feeling calm. The training will be held via webinar and will last 1 hour. For full details, interested parties are encouraged to view the website at

Cecil McIntosh owner of Change Perspective said “As busy entrepreneurs they tend to ignore their health as “something they will do later” and although they may be doing some of the right things, they are not necessarily doing them in the right sequence for maximum health. They are often sick and they feel tired and do not have the tools to feel better quickly.

This system will teach them why they need to avoid getting sick and when to stop and get the appropriate rest. Also how to recharge the mind, body and soul so that they get their health to the point where they feel like a teenager again all the time.”

The free training also includes real life case studies of actual clients. When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide free training on such an in-demand topic, Cecil

McIntosh, CEO of Change Perspective said, “The easiest way to achieve a breakthrough that can transform a real estate agent or broker’s life from living in black and white to Technicolor involves learning how to breathe easier and relax inside 30 seconds anytime anywhere.

Agents who have specific questions about the training itself may contact Change Perspective via their relaxation workshop website.

Cecil McIntosh, owner of Change Perspective, is a mentor and business coach. He has been teaching his grandmother’s legacy to successful entrepreneurs and small business owners for 20 years.

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