New Forest Hampshire German Shepherd Behavior Specialists Launch Free Report

Experienced German Shepherd owners and trainers, Graham and Lesley Dee from the New Forest, Hampshire region, have released a report, Alpha Dog, to help German Shepherd owners deal with their pets' behavioral issues, downloadable for free from their website.

A new report to help German Shepherd owners deal with their pets’ behavioral issues, Alpha Dog, has been released and is downloadable for free from the website:

For more information, visit the website: website, run by German Shepherd lovers and enthusiasts, Graham and Lesley Dee from the New Forest, Hampshire, is the result of over 40 years’ experience owning and training German Shepherds.

The Dee’s are strong supporters of responsible dog ownership. Whilst people are attracted to the German Shepherd breed because of their intelligence, appearance, loyalty, strength, agility and heightened senses, Graham stresses the importance of training them, particularly as they thrive on physical and mental activity. Their intelligence and eagerness to please makes them very responsive to training, so owners that put in the time to train their dogs end up with pets that are socially well behaved. The Alpha Dog report shows owners what they can do at home to achieve this.

Problems faced by dog owners that don’t invest a little time each day in training include: aggression, excessive barking, digging, chewing on household items, growling, biting or nipping, jumping, separation anxiety and disobedience. The report, Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems By Becoming the Alpha Dog, helps people understand their dog’s temperament and behavior and demonstrates why a dog ignores being yelled at.

According to Graham, Alpha Dog leadership helps people train their dogs to stop them: jumping on the couch, showing aggression over their food bowl, pulling on the leash during walks, jumping on people at the door, barking when its owner leaves the house, showing aggressiveness towards other dogs, chewing on shoes, socks or furniture and barking in the middle of the night for no reason or perceived threat.

Graham from says, “The number one reason dogs misbehave and don’t listen to their owners is because they think they can get away with it and won’t get into trouble! Dogs with aggressive, alpha personalities can end up ruling the household, refusing to behave, making life unpleasant for everyone around them. Hence the importance of asserting yourself as the pack leader and dominant role in the relationship”. provides not only tips and advice for training German Shepherds for socially acceptable behavior, but also resources from selecting a puppy, preparing its new home, raising a puppy, toilet training, feeding, health, grooming, exercise and play, breeding, best dog collars and leeds and a host of other information.

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