New Figure Skating News and Appreciation Website Launched launches a new website featuring news and articles appreciating figure skating as a sport and an art form. Aims to Help the Public Discover the Beauty of Figure Skating as a Sport and Art Form

Saint Louis, Missouri (May 7, 2015) – DKMD, an organization dedicated to providing information and the latest news about figure skating, recently launched its website online. aims to inform visitors about the well-loved spectator sport as well as feature the latest news about figure skating.

Christopher T. Howell, the spokesperson for the organization, feels grateful about the overwhelming support of figure skating enthusiasts and the general public in the launching of the website. He stated, “We can’t believe the reception we got in support of launch. Through the website, we hope to encourage more to discover figure skating and the love for this sport.”

Figure skating is not just a simple sport. It is an art too,” Howell, a figure skater in his younger years, said. “It is an effective way to express oneself especially for the young people of this generation,” he added.

Howell stated that figure skating is also being discovered by fitness enthusiasts. “It’s a good exercise and an effective way to tone the muscles. Just look at the physique of figure skaters!” he continued.

DKMD’s spokesperson also believed that the website will be a great online resource for people looking at figure skating as a new hobby and even a fitness lifestyle. He claims figure skating is a great tool for discipline and character-building because of the sport’s unique physical and mental demands. He ended his interview by inviting everyone to visit the website and to give figure skating some thought. is the ultimate online resource for figure skating information, facts and updates. It aims to make people discover figure skating as a sport or as a hobby. For more information, please contact Christopher T. Howell at or visit

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