New Fashionable & Comfortable Lab Coat For Medical Professionals Hit The Scene

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Online retailer Clinical Fashion releases a collection of lab coats. The company’s well-tailored attire assures that medical professionals stay comfortable

Clinical Fashion, an online retailer based in Brooklyn, New York, has launched a new collection of apparel for medical professionals. The company offers well-tailored lab coats and uniforms that are both affordable and practical.

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The newest release aims to provide one-of-a-kind clinical attire that healthcare workers can wear on a day-to-day basis.

For physicians, selecting daily attire can require a balancing act of professionalism, style, and comfort. Although research has shown that people are more productive when they feel comfortable and confident, many hospitals and clinics require their employees to dress in a non-distracting, brand-friendly manner.

Clinical Fashion’s apparel allows medical professionals to stay comfortable and adhere to dress codes while maintaining their personal sense of style and staying focused on their work.

The retailer’s featured garment, the Mclaren Slim Fit Men’s Lab Coat, is inspired by designer European suit jackets. The tailor-fitted coat is made from advanced performance fabric that ensures an optimal range of motion, prevents odors, and repels organic stains.

All of the customer-centric company’s skilled and experienced professionals carefully craft each garment to ensure that they are both long-lasting and affordable. Clinical Fashion’s team places extra emphasis on the development, designing, and manufacturing phases of production to guarantee premium quality clothing.

Healthcare workers can also request custom-made Clinical Fashion attire for themselves or their staff. The company’s team of tailors will work closely with each customer to assure the final product meets expectations.

Standing by the quality of their products, the retailer offers a one-year guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase.

With the newest launch, Clinical Fashion continues to provide stylish and comfortable surgical wear and uniforms for healthcare workers nationwide.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Customers can surely expect well-tailored, stylish, and perfectly structured medical apparel that does not feel like a task every time they need to wear it on a daily basis. We place superior customer satisfaction, innovation, creativity, and a positive team spirit on a pedestal.”

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