New Fashion Magazine Hopes to Bring Body Positive Style to the Masses

A new fashion and women’s lifestyle magazine takes a different route by spotlighting the hidden fashionista in women of all sizes. Find more information at

Earlier today, Arrogant Dreams, LLC. announced the upcoming launch of Love U Magazine. It’s a new digital magazine app, and website, set to features body-positive fashion for real-size women. The magazine is expected to launch by the end of 2016. For anyone with an interest in the world of fashion, this launch will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

Many have noticed that the majority of the fashion industry caters to a specific size demographic. However, more than ever, the industry has become too far removed from the mainstream to provide adequate choices for the real-size portion of the market. The Founding Editor at Love U Magazine, Chelsea Dixon, makes a point of saying “things are going to change when Love U Magazine launches.”

Chelsea Dixon continues… “Where our competitors continue doing the same old things, Love U Magazine will integrate body-positive fashion into this market, and expose it to the mainstream, by featuring women of all shapes and sizes. Love U Magazine believes it is time to re-define the meaning of ‘beautiful’. Ultimately, benefiting consumers by allowing readers to explore a greater selection of styling options. The goal is also to cultivate a community by interacting and connecting with other body-positive tastemakers who share similar passions.”

Currently, the closest publications on the market to Love U Magazine are general lifestyle publications or plus-size publications that only cater to larger sizes–with limited advertising variety. Mainstream fashion magazines offer the variety and cache of high-end brands, yet promote a sizing scale that excludes the majority of women. This outdated focus no longer serves the industry, but Love U Magazine improves on this by offering a platform to bridge these two extremes, and give more variety to women who traditionally have been neglected and underserved. The publication is for those who demand style regardless of size. This alone is predicted to make Arrogant Dreams, LLC.’s new body-positive magazine more popular with customers in the plus-size and real-size fashion industry, quickly.

Love U Magazine is expected to launch later this year. To stand with them, United Under Fashion, visit for more information.

Arrogant Dreams, LLC. was established in Florida, USA. It has been doing business Since May 2014 and is aiming to promote ‘digital content for the modern e-consumer’.

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