New Facelift and Weight Loss Technology Disrupting European Beauty Industry

BYAS delivers measurable results, can be used at home and is similar to technology that was only available to the rich and famous - until recently.

BYAS by WellStar offers younger looking skin, weight loss benefits.

WellStar’s BYAS technology is taking the European beauty industry by storm, delivering younger looking skin and weight loss benefits without any surgery or uncomfortable doctor’s appointments.

WellStar launched more than a decade ago and continues to deliver products that enhance lifestyles. Its proprietary BYAS technology, also known as Bionic Youth Activation System, is a handheld technology that can be used at home. For people interested in losing belly fat or those who have considered a body lift or facelift, BYAS offers an affordable, painless alternative.

BYAS utilizes MST technology that combines lontophoresis, radio frequency, and EMS to deliver leading-edge skin rejuvenation. More than 100,000 people are already using this technology, and WellStar is pleased to make a technology that was once only available to the elite a luxury for virtually anyone. BYAS is affordable and effective, and it is only available through WellStar and its authorized partners.

BYAS can be used to bring make the skin around the eyes look younger, and it can also be used for body sculpting. BYAS can also be used to firm up skin and deep tissue with lasting results.

WellStar’s BYAS device is available at affordable prices, costing very little per use. BYAS offers four phases that work together to achieve lasting, desired results: cleansing and preparing, nourishing and smoothing, firming and modeling, and protecting and renewing.

For those who are looking for non-invasive, cost-effective ways to achieve younger looking skin, WellStar delivers one of the best skin care products in Europe. A recently launched video shows how BYAS facelift technology works.

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About WellStar

WellStar launched in 2004 and continues to offer products that enhance lifestyles. WellStar has headquarters in Berlin and Budapest and has served 100,000+ customers with its exclusive Bionic Youth Activating System.

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