New Facebook Ads Management Service From Dot Rise Generates New Client £230,000

Chances are your customers are on Facebook, it's time to utilise the most advanced advertising platform available on the web today to attract, engage and turn prospects into customers.

Internet adspend increased 17.3% to £8.6bn, with mobile accounting for 78% of that growth, growing 61.1% to a total of £2.6bn. The UK is comfortably the largest internet advertising market in Europe and ranks third globally, behind the United States and China.

Digital Marketing In particular SEO & Facebook Marketing is intrinsic for brand reputation and brand loyalty. In fact for the months of January to March 2016, Facebook boasted 1.79 billion monthly users and there are currently approximately 890 million daily active users. FACT: Facebook is the third largest population behind China and India making it a worldwide phenomenon and without doubt, the biggest social media platform available. Additionally, 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media which know from various white papers ( so it is absolutely impossible to ignore the significant power Facebook holds for brand engagement.

Choosing to ignore Facebook as a brand marketing tool could put businesses at risk of falling behind competitors and certainly prevents brands from actively connecting with their target audience. According to Digital Marketing Magazine, they tell that 72% of consumers stay engaged with their favourite brands because of social media channels. With the sheer size of reach of Facebook coupled with its instinctive marketing features, it has enough influence to bring clients right to the hub of any brand if it’s used effectively.

Dot Rise SEO & Facebook Marketing Agency maintains that building a social media relationship with a consumer is paramount because it encourages open communication channels and builds trust which results in brand loyalty.

Using Facebook gives businesses the power to reach a defined target audience, a precise demographic at specific times of day in local areas if required. However, while the platform is exceptionally intelligent, there is a key to producing the right type of advertising to encourage the target customer to respond. With clever analytics, bespoke algorithms and plenty of exciting creativity, Dot Rise Facebook Marketing Agency is able to attract the desired customers to innovative and eye-catching clickable adverts that deliver exceptional results.

As an example, a massive 36,432 Facebook advert clicks were generated for a client between 6th January and 1st February 2017. These clicks managed to generate c£230,000 revenue just through Facebook marketing.

This is just one of many success stories for the Macclesfield based Facebook Advertising agency; proof that social media is possibly the biggest if not one of the biggest revenue generators for brands.

Says Mark Wallace, founder and CEO of Dot Rise SEO:

“As a business you need to know exactly where your prospects, leads and customers are “hanging out” online, so that you can engage & educate them, today’s consumers are savvy, they get digital, so stop trying to sell to them and start delivering value.”

To ensure the future is profitable for any business, social media is essential to engage and connect, especially as the digital generation is here to stay. However, businesses must reach them effectively and that’s why Dot Rise SEO’s services are integral to any brand’s growth strategy.

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