New England Interior Home Remodeling Expert Guest On Brewing Business Show

Kris Whitehead, owner of New England Custom Remodeling, announced his guest appearance on The Brewing Business Show podcast to encourage listeners to develop and achieve personal and professional goals.

Kris Whitehead, is the owner of New England Custom Remodeling, a personal and professional development coach, the founder of Think to Succeed, and ICONIC Alliance, announced his guest appearance on The Brewing Business Show podcast to encourage listeners to develop and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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Whitehead’s guest appearance on The Brewing Business Show was focused on sharing his expertise and guidance to listeners who want to achieve their personal and professional goals in today’s omni-channel market.

His Think to Succeed personal and professional coaching service has rapidly grown into a successful worldwide practice. In addition, he owns and operates three businesses and has grown five businesses over the last 17 years, ranging from two design-and-build companies, real estate investing and various profitable online businesses.

Whitehead has more than 25 years of experience on which to draw and uses those insights, experience and abilities to help others reach their highest potential in business, relationships and life.

New England Custom Remodeling is a Merrimack, New Hampshire-based kitchen and bathroom remodeling company serving New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. New England Custom Remodeling services include comprehensive custom design-and-build as well as custom countertops, cabinets, additions and whole-house renovation.

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The Brewing Business Show is dedicated to entrepreneurs, especially in the craft beer industry. Hosted by Pedro Meneses, the show introduces influencers, thought leaders and experts from various industries to share tools, resources and knowledge to help listeners thrive in business, mindset, health and wealth.

The hour-long interview was published on November 5th, with Meneses and Whitehead enjoying a lively conversation and sharing insights on setting personal and professional goals and vision and trading tips on keeping growth, achievement and profitability on track.

Meneses is the founder and owner of the Marketing Brewing Company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Meneses’ primary objective is to help breweries grow and expand their business through social media marketing and measurable, automated systems that yield proven results.

During the interview, Whitehead discussed:his entrepreneurial journey, which began after college, and the many twists and turns his personal and professional life took, including New England Custom Remodeling, his substantial home remodeling company.

He also discussed how he leverages social media marketing strategies as his primary growth engine, the importance of mentoring and coaching in developing a vision and achieving goals and how to use personas and develop an “ideal client” to drive marketing success.

Interested parties can access the full interview at the URL above. Whitehead’s interior design and custom home remodeling services can be booked at this site

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