New E-Book “73 Kitchen Hacks” Vital for Fans of Hell’s Kitchen & Chef Ramsay.

"73 Unauthorized Kitchen Hacks" from the mind of chef Ramsay is available from This e-book is a must read for rookie or veteran fans to survive Hell's Kitchen season 18.

Culinary education company,, has released a new e-book covering 73 unauthorized kitchen hacks gleaned from the mind of Hell’s Kitchen creator and master chef Gordon Ramsay. These hacks focus on the ability to conquer any kitchen you enter. Designed specifically for Fans of reality cooking shows. This paid report provides in-depth information that fans of reality cooking shows need to make better decisions in the kitchen. A full synopsis of the report can be found on the company website:

The 73 unauthorized hacks e-book contains over 73 kitchen hacks that can be used to conquer any kitchen you enter. Considerable time and resources were used to create the most comprehensive report possible, covering topics such as:

The ability to conquer any kitchen you enter – What happens when you actually listen and write down what a master chef like chef Ramsay shouts across a crowded kitchen? You get 73 unauthorized tips, tricks, & hacks that give rookie and veteran chefs confidence in the kitchen.

The skills to compete on your favorite reality cooking show – What would if feel like to have the proven techniques,strategies, skills, and tools to prepare, audition, and compete on your favorite reality cooking show (even if you decide to never actually audition)?

The opportunity to impress your family and friends with your new found kitchen skills. – confidence in the kitchen comes from knowing how to handle any situation you face. This confidence comes from having simple techniques, hacks, and skills available on a moments notice. Once you have acquired this knowledge you are free to create and impress.

Gordon Ramsay, Master Chef and inspiration said,

“Like all chefs, I’ve learned an incredible amount along the way: techniques, tricks – cheats, even that I incorporate instinctively into my cooking every day. Half the time I don’t even know I’m using them, but they are always there, giving me confidence in the kitchen.”

The cost of the report is $4.77 and includes a downloadable PDF as well as FREE access to the Kitchen Conquered Summit (November 5 – 7, 2018). Home cooks, rookie & veteran chefs, and fans of all cooking reality shows are invited to review the report summary as well as purchase directly on the website:

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