New Drugwatcher Report Questions Growing IVC Filter Use Despite Serious Risks

A new report by Drugwatcher reveals the shocking truth of increasing sales of IVC Filters developed by a leading Pharma company despite proven health risks.

A medical device developed by a big Pharma to help patients with Pulmonary Embolism is pushing them to more harm than good. Worse, the sale of the device is rising with each passing year despite the reported risks.

We are talking about Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters which are spider-like metal cages that trap blood clots inside inferior vena cava to prevent them from reaching to the lungs. A new report by leading Pharma product watchdog Drugwatcher has revealed prolonged use of IVC filters can lead to serious side-effects.

Titled as “IVC Filters- A necessary evil or an unreasonably dangerous device?”, the Drugwatcher report is written by veteran doctor and pharmacist Dr. Claudio Butticè. The senior doctor, who also works as a freelance journalist, has revealed that IVC Filters developed by leading pharmaceutical company C.R. Bard have proven to cause serious complications for the patients and even death. According to his findings, the device is prone to break apart after a certain period inside the body and the broken fragments are likely to travel across the body and puncture or perforate major organs like heart or lungs. But despite warnings from the FDA about the dangers of the device, C.R. Bard is still selling its IVC filters to patients and not only that, the sale of IVC Filters has increased by leaps and bounds over the past decade.

Dr. Butticè’s report on Drugwatcher has revealed a series of shocking facts:

· C.R. Bard knew about the safety issues of its IVC Filters. Still, in a desperate bid to prove the device’s safety, the big Pharma appointed a consultant for investigation. The consultant acknowledged the exceptional danger of the device in comparison to similar devices.

· As per the regulations C.R. Bard was required to reveal the findings of the investigation but the company didn’t

· Worse, the big Pharma took to a fraudulent step to receive approval from the FDA

· Despite incidents of death and severe complications borne out of its IVC Filters, Bard declined to recall the device from the market.

· The sale of Bard’s IVC Filters rose from 167,200 in 2007 to 260,000 in 2012

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About Dr. Claudio Butticè- A veteran clinical and hospital pharmacist, Dr. Claudio Butticè has served in several hospitals across Italy and for humanitarian NGO Emergency. Also a highly acclaimed book author and journalist, he has written on diverse topics including medicine, science, technology and world poverty. His articles have been featured in some of the most esteemed magazines such as Business Insider, Digital Journal and so on. Dr. Butticè’s has also submitted papers on psychology & pharmacology on various prestigious journals. At present, he serves as a medical consultant & advisor for companies worldwide.

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