New Dog Nail Clippers Gain Best Seller Badge Within 24 Hours

Wagglies’ dog nail clippers, now including a free dog nail file, have achieved an Amazon Best Seller badge within 24 hours of their product returning to stock.

Since returning to stock on Amazon UK yesterday, Wagglies’ dog nail clippers have achieved a #1 Best Seller badge in their selling category, Claw Care for Small Animals. This means that the brand have gained a Best Seller badge within 24 hours of their product listing returning to Amazon UK.

Wagglies launched their dog nail clippers onto Amazon UK and U.S. in December 2015 and have since received positive feedback from hundreds of customers. The new batch of stock (now on sale) includes a free nail file with each pair of clippers, allowing Wagglies to provide their customers with a more-rounded product.

Amazon best seller badges are tricky to gain and maintain, as selling on Amazon is immensely competitive, so the brand are very pleased with their achievement.

“We’re thrilled to gain a best seller badge within 24 hours of returning our dog nail clippers to sale on Amazon.” said Dan Clayton, Founder of Wagglies, “We briefly removed our clippers from sale while we were out of stock so it’s great to regain a best seller badge now that our product is back in stock again.”

The brand are keen to discuss the new nail file that they have added to their product.

“We wanted to give our customers more value from our product and we decided that the best way to do that was by offering a free nail file alongside our dog nail clippers.” continued Dan, “We spoke to our customers and got their feedback over what addition to make to our product and the vast majority of feedback suggested that a nail file would give our customers the most value.”

Wagglies’ dog nail clippers are now back in stock on Amazon UK, with a new free nail file included in each pack. The product listing can be found here:…

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