New Discovery of The Golf Balance Zone Creates Better Golf Performance & Scores

The key to playing better golf lies in a new discovery called " the golf balance zone" according to a long term research study of golfers at all levels and latest book by golf educator, performance coach, and author, Bob Cisco.

Los Angeles, CA. August 9, 2017. New golf discovery of “the golf balance zone” makes golfers swing better according to the research by golf teaching educator, performance coach, and author, Bob Cisco.

Cisco’s study of golfers over a twenty-five period conducted with both private and golf school students and clients found that all good players especially the pros move more consistently from what he calls their “balance zone”, initiating their swings from the ground up especially in their takeaway and downswing motions.

It was also found that this ‘golf balance zone’ is directly tied to the center of the golfer’s swing motion or swing center and is responsible overall for improving not only better balance but better swing performance and scores.The role of footwork was a key component of this ‘balance zone. system’.

Top pros like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods,, and Jordan Spieth are great examples of this, using their ‘balance zones’ and moving from their swing center as a reference point.

Cisco covers the new discovery more in detail in a new golf book entitled, “The Ultimate Game of Golf” and found there was a natural law connected with this. “Any athletic motion involving the swinging of a club or bat consists of planting, pivoting, and driving the body in a balanced position into the ball. Motion directed from its center creates optimum leverage, control, & club head speed,” p.16.

The key to playing better golf is in mastering this motion and its movement of the ‘golf balance zone’ and the golfer’s footwork and is something that can be learned by all golfers not just at the pro level.

For more information contact Bob Cisco, the author at Ultimate Golf Schools in S. Calif. at 818-448-9694 and/or by email at or at the media page

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