New Disabled Dating Site Changes Online Dating for People with Disabilities

LoveAbility, a new online dating site for disabled singles, is a philanthropic organization focused on donating 50% to charities within the disabled community.

After seeing firsthand the struggles that her friend experienced while living with a disability and trying to date, entrepreneur Jerrica Mah developed a new dating site unlike any other: one that aims to properly represent people with disabilities in an inclusive mainstream dating pool, while also donating half its profits to the disabled community. LoveAbility is an online dating site that brings together adults with disabilities and able-bodied individuals in one place–whether users are looking for a serious romantic relationship or simply a new friendship.

With an estimated 20% of Americans living with some form of disability, LoveAbility aims to give this large part of the population a strong platform in online dating and friend finding for the first time by bringing people with and without disabilities together. The internet dating site is formatted to create a comfortable environment for disabled people to present themselves and for able-bodied people to better understand those living with a disability. LoveAbility’s ads, blog, and unique site features are designed to properly represent people of all abilities in a modern world.

“Essentially, it’s a mainstream dating site that is accessible, much like a building that has proper ramps,” explains Founder and CEO, Jerrica Mah. “In addition, we want to educate all of our members on the ins-and-outs of dating those with disabilities to remove much of the stigma.”

“Unlike other dating sites, our users get the added benefit of being a part of something bigger than themselves,” Mah adds. “We are first and foremost a dating site that strives to help our members find love and friendship, but we don’t confine ourselves to that one mission. Our members won’t just be investing in their love life but also in giving love to their community.” The site’s business model is focused on supporting charitable causes by contributing 50% of profits directly to proven charitable organizations and individuals in need within the disabled community on behalf of their subscribers (

LoveAbility gives a voice to users, by giving them the chance to nominate charities and individuals to receive donations– they hope to donate millions of dollars to the disabled community through this form of community activism. The company also provides full transparency by making their financial records available to the public, allowing users themselves to keep the company accountable.

LoveAbility is focused on helping their members find meaningful romantic relationships and friendships. The online dating site is currently available to users within the United States and is mobile friendly for any handheld device. An extensive free trial allows users to try out the site and all its features before subscribing. To sign up for a free trial or to become a subscriber visit

About the Founder:

LoveAbility is founded by Jerrica Mah. A California native, the entrepreneur is an army wife who moves around the country with her husband and two kids. She graduated from U.C. Davis in 2007 and worked for her family business until becoming a housewife in 2015. Mah developed LoveAbility in 2017 to create an inclusive dating platform with a charitable mission unlike any dating site on the market.

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