New Directors Disqualification Website Launches with Key Information for Company Directors

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New website with up-to-date information on Directors Disqualification has been launched by Neil Davies & Partners Solicitors. The company is encouraging visitors to visit the site to leave feedback for future improvements and updates.

Birmingham, UK – August 26th, 2014 /PressCable/

Company Directors who are facing disqualification as a director will find some highly relevant, enlightening, uplifting and useful information on the recently launched Neil Davies & Partners Solicitors website. This new website launch covers a lot of ground that company directors, or anyone who is a running a company will find very useful. In all, the site covers director insolvency issues, insolvency claims, commercial litigation, regulatory disputes and construction disputes.

One area that may be especially interesting to some is the matter of director disqualification ‘pre-action letters' as it is vital to take action as soon as these are received. A similar issue is that of applying to the court for application to continue as a director whilst a disqualification case is being considered, something that could be vital in many instances.

Another issue is that of company insolvency and financial restructuring, the site also giving details of how action in this area can really benefit any company with debt issues.

Neil Davies & Partners Solicitors has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on the issues surrounding directors disqualification and the relevant act of 1986. Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view the website at

Marketing Manager Craig Holden described the new website in this way:

“There has been a lot of positive feedback surrounding and the information that it provides. Neil Davies & Partners Solicitors is committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all Company Directors have access to the latest information on Directors Disqualification and other commercial litigation issues. It is the goal of Neil Davies & Partners Solicitors to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting Company Directors.”

Neil Davies & Partners Solicitors welcomes new and old website visitors alike to take a look at the new features available, and to submit feedback for the next round of updates.

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Name: Graham Baylis
Organization: Neil Davies & Partners Solicitors
Phone: 0845 170 1800
Address: Neil Davies & Partners, Calcameron House, 36 B Water Street, Birmingham B3 1HP

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