New Dimension Drapery Cleaning Service Can Be Done In Home

New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning is protecting your drapery investments by cleaning them in your home

Draperies are showing wear and tear prematurely due to dirt and dust accumulation, according to the CEO of New Dimension.

New Dimension, who services the Boston and New England area, reveals that bacteria and various allergens that collect on draperies can affect health. Contaminates that linger on draperies have unsuspecting side effects on health, especially for those with sinus or respiratory conditions.

Anthony Miklaszewski, CEO of New Dimension, says “pet hair and dander can cling to drapery fabrics, making your home appear unkempt and triggering allergies in family and guests. Pet debris can also leave behind odors that linger in the air.” Miklaszewski adds, “professional drapery cleaning works to remove accumulations of pet hair and dander to prevent allergens. Drapery cleaning may need to be done more often to keep hair and dander from building up. “

Many people neglect window treatments during routine house cleaning, causing them to appear dull and dingy. Professional cleaning techniques are important in protecting drapery investments.

In recent months, there has been a demand for in home drapery cleaning. New Dimension is happy to announce that they can perform all drapery cleaning in home, while drapes remain in place.

New Dimensions in home drapery cleaning guarantees that fabrics will be carefully inspected to determine the appropriate cleaning method. When drapes are cleaned using professional products, equipment, and techniques, the lifespan of the drape is doubled or in some cases tripled.

New Dimension Fabric Protection and Cleaning was established 25 years ago. For those 25 years it has always aimed to provide simply the best eco-friendly cleaning & protection experience ever.

When in home drapery cleaning is needed in Wellesley, Wellfleet, Winchester, or Wayland, remember that New Dimension has the greater Boston area covered.

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