New Del Mar California Restaurant Serves Homemade & Organic Breakfast Menu

A high quality, family friendly restaurant has launched a new location in Del Mar, California. It prides itself on its high quality food, and now offers breakfast, including popular options like Eggs Benedict and French Toast.

Bushfire Kitchen, the high quality naturally nutritious food provider, has launched a new Del Mar, California restaurant location to allow more people to enjoy their menu. With this new location, the restaurant is now offering breakfast, which includes classic Eggs Benedict, French toast, and healthier options like acai topped with bananas, and a yogurt bowl.

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Del Mar, California is known for its Thoroughbred Club, where the turf meets the surf and horses from across Southern California race in the picturesque location, north of San Diego.

It is a beach city in San Diego County, and enjoys warm, dry summers and mild, humid winters, giving it a reputation as one of the most desirable locations in all of the USA.

Bushfire Kitchen is a local, family owned and operated restaurant that places emphasis on high quality ingredients, and healthy, enjoyable food.

The people behind the restaurant felt that the area needed an affordable place to eat that focused on top shelf ingredients, with natural and organic produce used where practical, and dishes cooked imply, with bold flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Food is made from scratch on the premises, which helps to ensure quality control and make sure that food is fresh, so that it can be enjoyed by all. The restaurant serves the kind of food that people could enjoy in their own home if they had the time and strives to capture that family, friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant is happy to help people to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle through their food choices. It is rustic, small and efficient, and offers a range of tasty meals on its varied menu.

Choices include Bushfire Bowls and slow cooked braises, which include the Grilled Veggie Bowl, the Salmon Bowl, and BBQ Braised Pork.

Sandwiches are also available, alongside salads, grass-fed burgers, and a range of entrees, including chicken and ribs, mixed sides and spaghetti bolognese.

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