New Data JEO Software Review Cuts Ad Spend And Makes Online Advertising A Snap has released a review of Data JEO a new and complete software that allows users to accurately target buyer profiles and allow them to reach the ideal customers in real time.

Data JEO a new and complete software that allows users to accurately target buyer profiles and allow them to reach the ideal customers immediately.

The software was created by software developer Walt Bayliss and his team. Data JEO takes the guess work and testing out of online advertising and is easy to use for both the experienced online marketer and the novice marketer.

In a recent online presentation Walt outlined the new Data JEO software. The overview show cased all the features and functionality that the Data JEO software offers. Data JEO draws its information from hundreds of online sources including Google and Facebook and then collates the information all in one interface.

Access Walt’s Data JEO Demonstration Here.

The buzz surrounding the software’s release has caught the attention of’s; Fabio Mastrocola prompting him to publish an in-depth review.

The popularity of market research tools that allow users to accurately target their ideal audiences to promote their marketing messages and offerings has significantly increased over the last few years and has provided an opportunity for educators, online entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises to promote their products and services on the internet via paid advertising platforms.

Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for cost effective and efficient methods, strategies, tools and channels to fulfill their online business aspirations.

“Savvy entrepreneurs know to focus their resources on tried and tested systems that can give their businesses leverage. When Walt Bayliss announced he was releasing Data JEO, it was important to see how this software stacked up,” says Fabio.

The software, which has inbuilt features that reveal to users how to accurately target buyer profiles and allow them to reach their ideal customers immediately.

Data JEO has the ability to promote their products or service offerings as well as track ,which traffic source the buyer has come from with a sophisticated tracking tool.

This allows users to expose their sites, brands, products and service offerings to targeted audiences saving time and overall advertising costs.

Data JEO features include:

Domain Name or Keyword search function- Allows users to search top ranking and competitive sites. Search globally or Specific Country Tracking Tool –Users can enter a specific page URL and have it tracked over a period of time.

Users will receive data showing where their traffic has come from. A Heat Map tracking tool that can identify visitor website movements and clicks. A tracking tool which provides data on demographics, traffic by sources and demographics. Split testing tool – Allows users to split test different pages within their sites. Multilevel keyword analysis. Save Search and Expert Data to CSV file function.

Data JEO Features will return the following data for its users:

Organic and paid keywords.

What type of traffic is being sent to user or competitor websites ,validated by a percentage score. A list of websites are competing for the same key words. Most bid-on phrases of competitive sites. Referring traffic sites and sources. Backlinking profile of both user and competitor sites. Similar advertisers and where these sites are advertising. Which phrases display competitor and user Advertising. A percentage break down of social media traffic sources Percentage analysis of Mobile Vs Desktop traffic sources and incoming and outgoing links. Brand and advertising creatives that are being used to drive traffic by users and competitors. User and competitor’s cost-per-click data analysis. Demographic and locations with data itemizing most popular countries by page views, by country rank and by country users. Desktop vs Mobile Advertising split data IAB Categories, Recommended Channels and Recommended Publishers

“Overall, Data JEO software system has been well thought out and does offer the experienced or budding online entrepreneur a sophisticated way of accurately targeting their buyer audience. Data JEO allows it’s users to save on time and advertising costs, limit the amount testing and tweaking of online advertising campaigns says Fabio.”

Data JEO is available from March 2, 2017

Release ID: 169999