New Cutting Edge Entertainment Technology Discovered

Advances in media technologies over the past 10 years offers numerous new touch points and experiences for the film and TV distribution industries. The new media distribution of’s technology is taking the industry in an exciting new direction!

More change has occurred in media technologies in the last 10 years than in the last 100 years, and with each advancement, the entertainment industry changes accordingly. Technologies like Napster and Torrent allowed for peer-to-peer exchanges of media, where before, those media were only disseminated to the public through the gateways of the companies that produced them. Now, websites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, etc., allow greater access to a more diverse array of entertainment options, which in turn provides more outlets for artists to showcase their work, and therefore more media products for audiences to consume. OnFire Networks is the next step in that evolution.

OnFire is both a producer and distributor of live interactive entertainment and events. Their “Virtual Event” model provides artists a robust community platform for U.S. and global brand exposure and revenue generation never before available to entertainers and fans. They achieve this by working in conjunction with artists, agencies, and distributors to leverage several aspects of music, new media, established music artists, and market trends. It’s a unique, revolutionary fan-driven viewing experience which allows for monetization and non-traditional revenue generation from performances and events on a local, regional, and international basis.

On the leading edge of a new frontier in entertainment, OnFire connects artists to the audience experience through active memorable participation. In other words, unlike current media technologies, it eliminates the intermediary step between production and distribution by connecting artists directly to fans. And the technology is already rumored to be receiving plenty of attention from some of music’s top artists. Artists like international rock sensation YB, which is touted as Korea’s most popular and critically acclaimed rock band, lead by charismatic super-star Yoon Do-Hyun, better known as “Dee.”

Similar to how peer-to-peer networking opened the gates of traditional media distribution and led to the rise of the current generation of media distribution, OnFire’s new advancements in entertainment technology is taking the industry in an exciting new direction. It will be exciting to see what the next 10 years of entertainment technology will bring!

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