New Cute Monkey Tea Infuser Using Color Technology Now Available in Amazon

LeafHolic company launches their new product called Cute Monkey Tea Infuser, which uses thermochromic paint technology to notify tea drinkers when their tea is ready to drink.

Leafholic has announced the release of their latest monkey tea infuser with face color changing feature into the tea market.

According to Leafholic’s co founder William Choi, “our cute tea infuser is designed to appeal specifically to tea lovers and tea drinkers. The idea came from the hot spring monkeys in Japan that use the hot waters to withstand the cold long winters.”

The new infuser is a BPA-free silicone injection in the shape of a monkey. Although the body is made of silicone, the face changes color as it is exposed to heat. This phenomenon is based on thermochromic paint technology.

Thermochromism, which refers to materials that change their hues when exposed to temperature fluctuations is widely used in many products among many industries such as battery indicators, drink containers or toys.

“We wanted a product that was well designed but at the same time completely safe and harmless. Through many tests we were able to come up with a toxin free product, and our certifications prove this,” added Choi.

The innovative tea strainer comes in two forms(clear and ivory) and three colors: red, pink and yellow.

The newly released tea steeper was initially only sold in South Korea but can be now found in UAmazon. By joining the worldwide online market, the Leafholic company is seeking to expand international reaching tea lovers all over the world.

John Bak, co founder of LeafHolic, when asked about Monkey Tea Infuser said:

“Most of our efforts were focused on the face color changing feature, but a large portion of our customers pointed out that what they liked most was how it made them smile while waiting for their tea to be ready, making their tea time more enjoyable.”

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