New Custom Meditation Service Provides Tools to Achieve Happiness and Enlightenment

Website, Enlightenment How, offers everyone an innovative new free service named "Solve the Problem"? This service provides free customized meditations and visualizations for issues in life such as work stress, financial, health or relationship issues. These spiritually enlightening practices increase overall happiness and joy.

A question that everyone poses to themselves at one point or another in their life is the classic, “What is the key to happiness?” With everyone defining happiness in their own unique way, it can be difficult to provide a surefire answer as to how exactly it can  be achieved However, spiritual website, Enlightenment is offering a new service for spiritual seekers, and everyone else who is interested in happiness and personal development.

The new service that is offered, which is easily accessible by everyone, is free personalized meditation that is customized to address the area of difficulty that the requester wants to confront. 

With this new service having the convenience of being readily accessed in a persons  own home, users will find the personalized service very profound and useful. 

Enlightenment How President, Martyn Williams, described the new service in this manner, “This new service is designed to help people address specific issues in their lives, be it work stress, relationship conflicts, and health problems. Once information is  received on the issue, a personalized custom meditation and visualization for the specific issue is designed.

When practiced daily the issue can metamorphose becoming far less upsetting, irritating or painful, and eventually a non issue. This change can happen as quickly as 1-3 practices over 2-3 days.”

Founded in 2014, the website serves the spiritual enlightenment and Personal Development industry well. It is widely known for teaching and coaching the skills needed for living an enlightening life, which is free of stress, and full of joy and creativity. Also offered are free meditations to combat everyday problems, such as stress, worry, and sadness. In addition to this, free workbooks on conflict resolution, relationship difficulties, and how to create work success have also been made available.

The man behind it all, Williams, is the first person in the world to lead expeditions to the 3 Extremes: Everest, and the North and South Poles, and also went on to create the Pole to Pole project involving around 60 million young people in humanitarian and environmental projects. Now, he channels his energy into the website, sharing his spiritual enlightenment knowledge that he has both acquired and taught in India and around the world.

For more information on the new service, and how people can lead a much happier and trouble-free life, visit the website and check out all the free resources:…

A short video about the new service

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