New Custom Apparel Company Turns Any Face Into Art On A Shirt

Custom clothing company, Wearzee, turns any face into art on a shirt making it one of the most unique gift ideas for this holiday season.

A new custom apparel company, Wearzee, brings a fresh spin on both clothing design and art, which they merge together to create one of the most unique gift ideas for this holiday season.

Owner and artist, Christina Robertson stumbled across the concept when a friend said “She loved her face.” As a joke, Christina put her graphic design skills to work and made the first shirt with her face on it.

Her friend loved it and so did everyone else who saw it. Soon, more people were asking for shirts just like this giving birth to this new spin on custom clothing design.

Wearzee has launched the product line to the public on, allowing individuals to turn faces into art on a shirt. It’s a great gift for people who are hard to buy for.

Christina says, “People get these shirt for a lot of reasons. It’s not just about your own face on a shirt. Some are putting their kids faces on the shirts because a lot of kids must wear masks at school and it retains their identities. We’ve seen couples get these shirts of each other. Sometimes family members get them to give them to other family members. And some even use it as a joke, putting co-workers, bosses, teachers and more on the shirts. The ideas of our customers seem to be endless.”

When asked what makes Wearzee unique, she offered this: “There are a lot of other sites with custom made clothing, but most of them aren’t very creative. We wanted to make sure this wasn’t another me-too shirt. Our designs are unique to each order and crafted by artists that take any face photo and turn it into a memorable and iconic art. And to ensure there was integrity with the whole process, we have made sure to keep this all in the USA, which is rare these days”

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