New Crowdfunding Platform Making Fund Raising, Source Funding, Charity And Donations Easy Online

A New Crowd Funding Platform designed to make fund raising easy and accessible for all. Simple to use, requiring no financial investment and with instant payouts. All signs point towards it becoming a quick viral success.

Crowd funding has opened the doors up for many exciting new projects to be funded, but one justified criticism has been the difficulty for everyday people to take advantage of this great new idea on some of the big name platforms.

Fortunately, that has recently changed, with the launch of this New Crowd funding Platform.  This new platform has removed the common obstacles many people face when trying to get a project started, and brought with it the power of fund raising for everyday ordinary people.  The early response from users has been overwhelming positive.

This new platform helps average people do fund raising online with ease. Right now there’s over 1000 crowd funding platforms operating, but not one of them is as user friendly and easy to start using as this new platform.

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Some of the advantages of using the platform, that make it such a good choice for everyday people include:

~ The lack of expensive entry fees, 

~ All funds raised go 100% to the project owner;

~ Donated funds are received weekly;

~ And access to team support from other Project Managers.

With crowd funding projects skyrocketing from a total of $5billion in 2013 to a projected $10 billion in 2014, it’s clear there’s never been a better time to enter into this arena experiencing explosive growth for businesses, entrepreneurs and even non-profits.

This New Crowd funding Platform has been met with enthusiastic reviews from users.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said that she tried to start a project on two other platforms, but without any luck.  This New Platform made it easy for her to get started and to generate the funds needed for her project.

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