New Crossfit Jump Rope for Crossfitters, Boxers, and Fitness Enthusiasts Now Available on Amazon

Athlos Fitness announced Amazon shoppers can purchase the new Crossfit Jump Rope Athlos Fitness Adjustable Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope with Universal Ball Bearings starting 01/05/2015.

Customers looking for the latest CrossFit Jump Rope can purchase the new Athlos Fitness Adjustable Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope with Universal Ball Bearings via Amazon. The product listing can be found on Amazon:

Athlos Fitness Adjustable Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope with Universal Ball Bearings is designed with Crossfitters, Boxers, Fitness Enthusiasts in mind.

The  Adjustable Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope, one of Athlos Fitness’ CrossFit for life products, is now available through leading global online retailer The jump rope was recently added to the Athlos Fitness exercise and fitness product sales catalog and is live on Amazon now.

Athlos Fitness has specifically designed their product catalog with the needs of CrossFit enthusiasts foremost.  Athlos Fitness offers them quality, affordable and portable fitness products that will fit any budget.

The Adjustable Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is lightweight, durable, and has a fully adjustable 10ft high quality kink free wire cable with lightweight ergonomic handles.  Being adjustable allows it tobe one size fits all. It also includes 4 high-grade metal ball bearingsdesigned specifically to increase revolutions per minute.  It also includes a nylon bag.

The demand for jump ropes such as this is expected to rise as CrossFit gains even more widespread popularity.  Currently CrossFit can be found in 8,300 gyms in 97 different countries. The routine itself encompasses varied movements at high intensity intervals for a specific period of time. And with CrossFit, jumping rope is best accomplished through Double Unders, a rep of jumping rope where the rope passes under one’s feet twice on each jump requiring both a faster spin and a higherj ump.  This high speed CrossFit  jump rope will make moves such as crossing, double-unders, and even triple-unders easier. 

Athlos Fitness products are designed by CrossFit professionals to meet the discerning needs of health enthusiasts at an everyday value price. 

For more information, visit interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the Amazon product listing, here:

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