New Copywriting Software Tool Spend Will Avoid Trump Scrutiny

Small business owners can now reduce time to market product costs and increase profitability which benefits the large population relying on small businesses for their income. More information on this product review can be found at​

Online marketing blog says small business and online marketers spending on sales funnel and copywriting software tool to increase sales will be loved by president-elect Donald Trump. Trump’s current focus and criticism on costly programs which have issues with cost control is in opposition of his enthusiasm for business which show profitability and potential like small businesses.

According to the SBA small business employ 49.% in the United States. An effective sales funnel is crucial to improving profitability of a company to help it survive the difficult economic conditions.

For more information on the sales funnel copywriting software tool go to… internet marketing blog publishes exclusive Exact Model review of new copywriting software tool which can allow a small business to create high converting sales letters based on working templates developed by leaders in the field of online marketing.

Jimmy Kim, CEO of Snaptactix said that Exact Model is the ultimate “Fill in the Blank” Direct Marketing and Copywriting software that can help anyone launch a digital product in 10 minutes or less. Copywriting is an advanced skill which can make or break a product launch and can cost 1000’s of dollars to hire a good copywriter.

Exact Model solves this problem in multiple ways. Product creators can use the “fill in the blanks” software to create on demand sales letters using over 200 templates following the AIDA copywriting model. The revolutionary software teaches copywriting skills during the sales letter creation.

The software has a wide range of markets which can be targeted. This includes health and wellness, fitness, digital products, affiliate marketing, personal development, hobbies and coaching.

It is revolutionary in being able to create front end sales pages as well as corresponding OTO or on-time-offers. Effectiveness has been increased by providing 40 email templates which helps build a relationship with the customer in a seamless congruent message to increase sales and conversion.

The additional functionality has been built in to create high converting video sales letters using their proven video sales letter templates. This is combined with upsell and downsell techniques built into a seamless sales funnel. Conversion of website visitors into customers rely on a consistent clear message and this advanced platform helps provide a structured framework to build out a product sales page and follow up e-mail messages which help support the sales funnel process.

For many businesses the biggest challenge is converting website visitors into customers. Having an efficient sales funnel starts with a sales letter which can capture potential customer interest and engage them into becoming long term customers. The AIDA model is used which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This process requires a skilled copywriter to structure a sales letter which can do this but the cost of an quality copywriter can be more than what most small businesses can afford upfront.

A full review is available for the Exact model copywriting software which will go into all of the features ofthe tool and how the sales funnel is built out using the sales letter templates and follow on marketing processes at the echolocs website.

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