New Copywriting Book Announced From The International Copywriters Association

Quentin Pain has just launched his brand new book, “COPY”, available through Amazon for fans of the advertising and marketing industries. More information is available here:

Quentin Pain is chief executive of the International Copywriters Association and founder of the Science of Copywriting website. He runs three major copywriting groups on Facebook helping nearly 70,000 copywriters from around the world become better copywriters and get work. His brand new book: “COPY” has just been released and is available through Amazon and Amazon Kindle. It is expected to be a big hit with fans in the advertising and marketing industry.

More information about the book can be found here:

This is the author’s sixth book and was written to help those interested in the copywriting industry become professional copywriters and start a copywriting business. This publication is especially exciting because the idea for the book came from the many thousands of questions asked in the author’s Facebook groups about exactly how to become a copywriter.

COPY focuses on teaching ethical copywriting. Also of particular interest to readers is the live diary the author kept while writing the book, which includes every detail of the process, including letters to publishers. This diary can be viewed here:

Quentin Pain has a background in business. He founded his first business in 1979 and later founded five others, including the International Copywriters Association. After doing most of the copywriting for his businesses, the author realised that copywriting was by far the most important skill in marketing, which led to the creation of the Science of Copywriting website and Facebook groups.

When asked why he wrote the book, Pain said, “After answering thousands of questions about copywriting, it became obvious that a new book was desperately needed, and that’s how the idea for ‘COPY – The Book’ came about.”

Pain has high hopes that the book will turn every reader into a hero copywriter. This positive outlook from the author is certainly a testament to his optimism, considering the many ups and downs during the book’s creation. At the beginning of the online diary that accompanied the writing of the book, the author explained that he hoped to win over a major publisher. Of the many he had applied to, almost all said they were interested, but that it would be at least a year before the book was published. So a complete pivot was made and instead Amazon KDP was chosen to get it out to his fans as quickly as possible. That pivot and all the other trials and tribulations of writing a 73,000 word book are contained in the diary available online free to all readers.

In a recent interview, the author thanked all the members of his “Science of Copywriting” group on Facebook, as well as the many members of the International Copywriters Association, who encouraged him to see this project through to the end.

More about the book including a chapter by chapter summary can be found here:

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