New Concept Thrive Spa Now Open

Full spectrum infrared debuts in Columbus

COLUMBUS, OH, November 23, 2016 – Thrive Massage & Wellness, a new-concept spa, is now open. The spa is located in the New Albany/Gahanna area at 4955 N. Hamilton Rd. Columbus, Ohio.

Thrive will focus on helping people live the best life possible, with an in-house staff offering therapeutic massage and the area’s first in-spa full spectrum infrared light therapy. The spa is building a wellness community with special events focused on a wide variety of health topics, such as aromatherapy, essential oils, ayurvedic principles, iridology, yoga sessions, fitness topics, detox, and nutrition.

Massage therapists and other wellness practitioners who currently work independently will also find a home at Thrive. Convenient by-appointment rooms will be available for rent and Thrive will sponsor continuing education and a supportive professional community.

Owner Susan Rieser, a Gahanna resident and former marketing executive, has created a portfolio of services that other local spas are not providing. For example, Thrive has showers so that clients can clean up before therapy, or wash before going on to their next activity.

“My passion for providing the preventive benefits of massage and infrared stems from the belief that these therapies can help you maintain an active and fully functional life,” said Rieser. “Our spas are pristine retreats where you can bliss out in silence, or listen to acoustic resonance therapy. And at Thrive, a 60-minute session means a full hour of massage, rather than the 45 to 50 minutes typical of the industry.”

Infrared light therapy, a favorite of celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, is a growing trend in Los Angeles and New York City spas. Thrive will have three industry-leading Sunlighten™ spas on site. The spas are programmed to emit specific blends of near, mid- and far-infrared heat to help with full body detoxification, generalized muscular and skeletal pain relief, skin purification, cardio maintenance, weight loss, and overall relaxation. The results have been proven effective through 56 different clinical trials. What’s more, users report that the experience makes them feel great.

Therapeutic massage services will include a wide variety of practices, such as Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, hot stone and cranial sacral massage, as well as Reiki and other energy healing modalities.

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