New Compensation Claim Service for UK Property Owners with Electricity Poles and Low Voltage Wires

Fenton Property Consultants announced the availability of their new No Fee Claim Service for Electricity Pole & Wire Compensation beginning May 2015. Nothing to lose just ask Fentons to process a claim.

Customers looking for the latest Claim Service use Electricity Pole & Wire Compensation by Fenton Property Consultants . The detailed product listing can be found here:

Electricity Pole & Wire Compensation is designed to appeal specifically to UK Property Owners with Electricity Poles and Low Voltage Wires and includes:

No Risk No Fees – Fentons process the claim if successful No need for solicitors and no fees payable

Not registered against the property – Owner occupiers sign a wayleave agreement in exchange for a lump sum payment. If they sell their property the electricity company will have to get a new agreement from the new owner.

Fentons manage the whole process. – All property owners need to do is sign an authority for Fentons to act on their behalf and the rest is done for them.

Mark Walton, Director of Fenton Property Consultants , when asked about Electricity Pole & Wire Compensation said:

Free Service for pole and low voltage wire claims; let Fentons Property Consultants process your claim . Property owners receive 100% of the payment received from the electricity company.

Fenton’s Property Consultants have been involved in obtaining compensation for property owners whose property values have been affected by proximity to Electricity Pylons and High voltage wires/conductors for a number of years on a no win no fee basis.

It is only recently that electricity companies have accepted that they need to deal with poles and low voltage apparatus on or over private land. Examples of where agreements need to be inplace include housing estates where electricity supply lines are above ground usually running along the front boundaries of properties serving a number of properties. If the pole and wire is there to provide a sole property with supply then it is unlikely that compensation for the sole property would be paid.

The image below shows a typical scenario where property owners can receive compensation.

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