New Clinical Trial by Boston Diagnostic Institution Concludes With Approval for Alpha Brain

New medical trial confirms the efficacy of the nootropic Alpha Brain by Onnit. The trial was conducted by the Boston Center for Memory and it consisted of 60 trial subjects that were tested over 6 weeks.

The Boston Center for Memory is a full time facility whose purpose is to treat, diagnose and evaluate patients’ memory capabilities. The center is also a research facility for clinical trials involving the latest nootropics or memory and mental acuity enhancement supplements. The center has performed over 100 trials on mental improvement supplements, and their testing techniques are based on a high level of scientific rigor.

In December of 2014 the center tested Onnit’s flagship nootropic Alpha Brain. The trial was double blind, randomized and placebo controlled. Test subjects included 60 patients ages 18 to 35 and they were tested within a period of six weeks. All test subjects were given a placebo for the first two weeks. The results were posted at the Onnit website.

After the two week period, the Alpha Brain group of test subjects were then given actual dosages of the supplement while the other group was given the placebo. All subjects were then given a series of cognitive tests. One of these was the California Verbal Learning test in which test subjects have to recall a group of 16 words from memory after a period of time.

The conclusions were evident and were later documented by the Boston Center for Memory. Alpha Brain was unequivocally affecting cognition, especially in terms of verbal memory. The Alpha Brain group could remember more words than the control group.

A biometric test was also applied on all the test subjects including the control group. This test is called the Event Related Potential test that shows potential brainwave change. The Alpha Brain test group showed a higher amplitude and latency results indicating an enhanced ability to process information.

The ingredients in Alpha Brain are all natural. Results for the test as well as a list of ingredients can be found at the Onnit website. Also a thorough description of the product as well as a review can be found at Brain Health Source.

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