New Chula Vista Eastlake Coupon Business Directory by Over-Time Marketing Agency

Chula Vista Eastlake Business Directory is best local coupons for attorney, restaurants, dentists, car wash or home repair, motels, website design, coffee shops. Check

Over-Time PR Marketing Solutions and the Chemeria Consultancy Syndication will be working together on their newest local business and coupon directory launch for the Chula Vista and Eastlake, California Business Coupons Directory starting November 1, 2019. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience in promoting community coupon directories, business brands, marketing to business and consumers alike, and digital marketing focusing on first page search engine appearance.

Interested parties can view full partnership details on the following website:

With the launch of Chula Vista Eastlake Local Business Coupons Directory, Over-Time PR Marketing Solutions and the Chemeria Consultancy Syndication will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

Sales and marketing – both companies will undertake responsibility for sales and marketing of the directory to Chula Vista and surrounding locale businesses for listing correctness and inclusion

Hosting and site display – the partners will share management of the site’s hosting of the online-directory and display on the internet 24/7

Consumer participation – jointly the team will insure consumer participation remains at the highest level and the use of businesses coupons are fully utilized.

Chula Vista Eastlake Local Business Coupons Directory has been created specifically for business owners and consumers with multiple features:

Free basic listing – a free basic listing in the directory complete with address and phone number

Silver listing – a Highlighted business listing making a business stand out in its’ niche category

Gold listing – additionally provides a strategically placed feature ad with a consumers usable discount coupon

Antonio Denzil, Regional Vice President of Over-Time PR Marketing Solutions had this to say about the new launch partnership for Chula Vista Eastlake Local Business Coupons Directory:

This highly skilled partnership combines six decades of experience and local market knowledge that will spotlight Chula Vista’s best businesses and be a vehicle to great savings with unique local discount coupons for consumers. The win-win of successful advertising. the directory will be working for businesses in the locale and consumers 24/7 without time off.

Those interested in learning more about the partnership can do so here: Those interested in being listed in the Chula Vista Eastlake Local Business Coupons Directory can do so here:

Release ID: 88930937