New Camping Awnings, Mosquito Nets, and Tents Available at 4WD Supa Centre

4WD Supa Centre now sells camping awnings, mosquito nets, and tents. They are offering a free mounting kit with every purchase.

4WD Supa Centre, upon the successful introduction of their new line of Adventure Kings camping swags have yet again introduced a new product range – the Adventure Kings camping awnings, mosquito nets, and waterproof tents – to their online store.

The Adventure Kings Awning side wall is the perfect companion for all campers during Summer. They boost the already large amount of shade provided from Adventure Kings awnings, for a fraction of the price of another awning, gazebo or camp shelter. These awning side walls are very useful for evading the harsh Aussie sun while camping.

Going along with an Adventure King Awning Tent for the perfect beach shelter is a no-brainer as it attaches to all Adventure Kings awnings to ease the process of building a tent that is sufficiently huge and convenient, whether it’s for overnight trips, extended stays or for a quick stop on the beach for lunch. The awning tent also comes in a variety of sizes to suit any Adventure Kings Awning.

Almost every type of vehicle all across Australia has an Adventure Kings awning attached it due to the fact that it’s an unbeatable value for money. Adventure Kings awnings are the preferred choice of shelter thousands of Aussies rely on every day to protect themselves from all types of harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, the scorching summer sun and everything else the harsh Australian climate can throw at outdoorsy Aussies.

All of the Awnings available at 4WD Supa Centre are built from high quality rip stop polyester, which is not only lighter in weight than traditional canvas, it is fully waterproof so can withstand constant heavy downpour – and it won’t leak or soak up any water meaning that it can be zipped away in the heavy duty PVC cover as soon as is needed.

Their ripstop polyester is more than just waterproof. They made sure it is fully ripstop reinforced so it can withstand rips and tears, and they even had it independently tested and rated, exceeding UPF 50+ UV protection. This is a strong sign of durability.

Built to take a beating, the fully anodized aluminium frame also uses solid metal knuckles at the pole junctions, unlike the cheap plastic ones that can be found elsewhere on the market this will ensure that during a stiff breeze or a heavy downpour, when it’s needed the most it won’t fail.

4WD Supa Centre are giving out a free mounting kit with every purchase of an awning of any size from their store. More information can be found on their website.

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