New Business Owners Merchandising Marketing Courses Platform Launched

The Small Business Marketing Academy has launched a training platform offering advice for merchandising and marketing success for new business owners or people thinking about starting a business.

The Small Business Marketing Academy has launched a new platform designed to help new business owners access and learn everything they need to know about successful merchandising and marketing. Impax is a digital training program that offers participants video coaching, weekly tutorials, and Q & A sessions.

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The newly launched program aims to deliver a clear understanding of the steps required for successful marketing. It is ideal for new business owners or people who are thinking about launching their own business but want to get specialist advice first. All the training can be completed from home and at a pace that is comfortable for the student.

Fundamental and essential trainings are taught in a bid to help business owners achieve financial and job freedom as well as security. Each topic covered is clearly listed allowing participants to focus on the core areas that are most relevant to them. In addition, there are regular guest speakers to inspire and guide people while they are learning.

Many people are creating their own businesses to gain control over their lives and future, explains the team behind the academy. They say making mistakes is a part of any new experience, but the program aims to help new business owners limit the mistakes they make so they can focus on earning a regular income.

Passive income streams are discussed as part of the training, which can support new business owners while they are launching as it can ease their financial pressure each month. The team behind the training course say they wanted to create something reliable and helpful for new business owners as they understand how stressful it can be to start from nothing.

A company spokesperson said: “We understand many people worry they do not have enough income for their retirement and want to live without fear of financial and job insecurity. Our training program can help people achieve financial and personal freedom from traditional work options, improve their work/life balance, and achieve better productivity.”

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