New Book Exposes Pharmaceutical Industry Pitfalls in Medication Development

Aiding in the positive evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, British pharma consultant Hedley Rees has released ‘Find It File It Flog It’, available in print and ebook formats worldwide.

Wordcatcher Publishing, based in Cardiff, UK, has released the latest title by Hedley Rees aptly named ‘Find It File It Flog It.’ In his book, Hedley Rees, a British pharmaceutical industry consultant turned reformer, exposes the industry’s pitfalls and marketing ploys to put forth his case for a massive overhaul of the industry and for medication development. As such, other industry experts have called this title a serious examination of the industry – a clarion call to all in pharma to wake up, and a first-rate review of the current business model of the industry and its weaknesses.

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Recently released, the title ‘Find It File It Flog It’ looks at the last 40 years of the pharmaceutical industry and how over this time the sector has lost its ability to develop new products, as it has focussed on trying to satisfy the needs of investors instead of patients. Warning others of the dangers of such a practice and how the industry needs reform to protect consumers and investors, Rees exposes the pharmaceutical industry and its flaws.

Focusing on big pharma’s and their blockbuster medications and marketing wars, Hedley proves how patents drive the business strategies of these pharmaceutical groups today. The author’s in-depth account of the industry is both fascinating and insightful with research and diagrams illustrating the inner workings of the industry.

Also looking to improve the industry, Rees makes suggestions as to how the pharmaceutical industry can rectify its faults so the sector can evolve positively. With better science, improved research methods, and more refined medications, the industry would reduce capital input and produce more affordable medicines, Rees states.

Receiving 5-star ratings in reviews, one reader of the title said, “Having spent more than 30 years working in the pharmaceutical industry I could relate to much of Hedley says in the book. The book is straightforward to read and follow and the expert opinion that it contains shows that it is not just Hedley’s views presented. Inevitably this is a bit of a campaigning book, but it is a campaign that is very necessary. His suggested way forward is still very much work in progress, but the book inspired me to contact Hedley to offer my help with his campaign.”

To find out more about Hedley Rees and his quest to reform the pharmaceutical industry, as well as his title ‘Find It File It Flog It,’ call Wordcatcher Publishing on 02921 888321 or click on the link above. With over 15 reviews and countless books sold, ‘Find It File It Flog It’ is hard-hitting and straight-to-the-point making it ideal for anyone who seeks to know the truth about the pharmaceutical industry.

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