New Book by Riad Hechame “Stress Less, Sleep Better” Now Available on Amazon

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In his new book, Riad discusses stress management. This results in simple and practical techniques easy and ready to use for the reader. Visit for more info.

“Stress Less, Sleep Better: The Busy Professional’s Guide to Mastering Stress & Achieving Perfect Sleep in Three Weeks” written by Riad Hechame, a specialist in health and performance and book author is now available on Amazon and major book stores.

Riad in his book creates a symbiosis between the findings of the latest research on sleep and stress management on one side and his experience and the experience of many mentors he had the chance to work with on the other side. This symbiosis results in simple and practical techniques easy and ready to use for the reader.

Riad consistently explains targeted solutions to assist a person in identifying stressors that discourage sleep and reduce anxiety and stress. Getting rid of the obstacles between a person and a healthy sleep from one side and identifying major stressors in life are the goals, and his book is the first stage.

Stress is a response to challenging and adverse circumstances and a response to regular life. It impacts people’s behaviors, physical abilities, and emotions. The right amount of stress, now and then, is a positive strength that helps people to be energized and alert and do their best at the right time. However, too much or chronic stress, not only causes anxiety and tension but will ultimately lead to severe health issues, that is what Riad Hechame would like to help within his new book.

With “Stress Less, Sleep Better” people will be equipped with essential knowledge from the most recent research on sleep and stress management.

People will have an array of easy-to-use techniques to master their stress and achieve perfect sleep in record time.

After reading the book, people will know how to recover their energy, lower their stress levels; moreover, achieve simpler and better sleep quality and overall health and performance.

According to Riad, “Increasingly, insufficient sleep is considered a major public health epidemic. In the book, you can find all the essential tools you need to get a good night’s sleep in no time. You’ll learn about the existing sleep research and patient histories, understand chronic physical and mental problems that can impede sleep, and finding solutions to avoid and manage anxiety, stress, and other health and performance-limiting conditions.”

Riad Hechame started as a process engineer working in scientific research in various fields and later designing, building, and commissioning nuclear power plants in nine different countries. After eighteen years, he moved up to the next level and went from profession to passion. Now, with his company Peak Human Performance, he is helping people who are serious about their health and performance, improve their sleep, stress, and physical fitness. Further, he helps his clients achieve optimal health and blood work through a preventive approach with nutrition. Riad also assists his clients to obtain optimal mental and physical strength through resistance training.

About Riad Hechame

Riad Hechame is a Health & Performance Specialist who uses his three pillars principle to accomplish optimal health and peak performance irrespective of goal, profession, gender, and age. With his company, Peak Human Performance, he and his team concentrate on helping their clients master stress and sleep, enjoy their food while reducing inflammation, sharpen their brain, and boost their immune system, strength level and lean body mass for an aesthetic and healthier body. His holistic, natural, and preventive approach to improving health, strength and performance is even more needed during these pandemic times.

For more details about Riad Hechame and his book launch, kindly contact him at +60-111-4254936 or send an email at Visit his website at or to learn more about him and his services.

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