New Bluetooth Hearing Aids Brand Competes with Siemens & ReSound Prices releases information on how its new iHear Blu Bluetooth hearing aids will shake things up by providing competition for big hearing aid companies. Further information can be found at

Earlier today, online hearing aid seller announced the launch of the iHear Blu Bluetooth Hearing Aid, its new model set to go live July 26th, 2016. For anyone with even a passing interest in hearing loss, this launch will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

Blu is a one-size-fits-all Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) design that features rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones and MP3 players for hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars less than similar models from competitors like Siemens and ReSound. The CEO at, Chris Huddleston, makes a point of saying, “Things are going to change when iHear Blu launches”.

Huddleston continues… “Our goal at EarMall is to provide affordable Bluetooth hearing aids to customers. We can do this because we believe online innovations will revolutionize the way hearing aids are sold, much like Amazon changed the way books were sold twenty years ago. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to our customers because It will allow people with hearing loss to avoid the traditional brick and mortar “middle man” and will provide them with access to high quality hearing aids at a low price.” was established in 1998. It has been doing business online for over 18 years and has always aimed to innovate and change the way hearing aids have traditionally been sold, due to the firm belief that innovation drives progress and greater customer satisfaction.

Blu compares favorably to models such as the Siemens Pure, with many of the same features and benefits of Pure for half the price. This alone is predicted to quickly jumpstart EarMall’s products in the hearing niche. Additional features include: – Open-fitting to avoid a “plugged up” feeling in the ear – One year warranty – 30 day money-back guarantee – Easy volume adjustment – Designed for mild to moderate hearing loss To find out more about iHear Blu, the link to visit is…

Further information about can be found at

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