New Blood Test Can Reveal a Person’s Complete Viral History

Fenvir has released a very exciting update, which dives into the release of a new viral detection tool with the ability to identify over 200 viruses in one test. Learn more here.

A new study published in the journal Science on Thursday revealed the development of VirScan, which can detect antibodies from over 200 known viruses. This modern development will provide the medical community more information on the lasting effects of these infections and how they can impact a person’s long-term health.

Rather than having to spend sometimes crucial time trying to establish the underlying cause of symptoms, doctors are now able to test for all viruses at once to quickly narrow down the source of a patient’s symptoms. VirScan detects antibodies created by the immune system at the point of an infection, and uses them as a window in time to create a blueprint of almost all viruses an individual has ever encountered.

In praise of these findings, Ian Lipkin, a professor of epidemiology and director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University, said “The approach is clever and a technological tour de force. It has the potential to reveal viruses people have encountered recently or many years earlier … Thus, this is a powerful new research tool.”

This new discovery is very exciting for those involved in any aspect of the medical field, and could only be considered the beginning for great technological advancements. Cristen Mathers, a research analyst for Fenvir, said “This discovery is leaps and bounds ahead of the technology health practitioners are used to. Now, not only can doctors easily tell what virus a person contracted, they can also narrow down a time frame for when a person was exposed. For many dealing with HSV, the point of transmission was almost impossible to identify, but that will no longer be the case.”

To learn more about VirScan, interested parties can visit While there, readers are invited to take full advantage of the wealth of information available on the company site.

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