New Blood Pressure Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Clinical Trials

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A new study shows promising results with the use of an innovative vaccine for high blood pressure treatment, though it is still in the very early stages of clinical trials. Learn more about these results here.

In a newly published study, findings show that a blood pressure treatment vaccine has the potential to be effective in controlling blood pressure for up to six months and can help to prevent and repair tissue damage caused by the disease. If research continues to be successful, it could help eliminate the need for daily prescriptions in many cases of hypertension.

While this study is still in the early stages of research, this ground-breaking discovery gives hope to many people currently taking medications for high blood pressure. While studies concentrating on animal subjects usually fail to produce similar results in humans, the research group hopes to have a version of the vaccine ready for human clinical trials within two or three years.

In reference to these findings, Dr. Hironori Nakagami, a professor at Osaka University in Japan, said “The potential of a vaccine for hypertension offers an innovative treatment that could be very effective for the control of noncompliant hypertension, which is one of the major problems in the management of hypertensive patients.”

The ultimate goal for researchers working on this vaccine is to help patients with uncontrollable hypertension to finally get it under control. Nakagami noted that “There remains always a group of patients where the use of three, four agents or more and they still didn’t achieve their goal. There will always be opportunity for the development and application of new medications, and researchers should strive to develop new ones because there is a need.”

When asked about the results of this study, Freedman Winst, a lead researcher for Pulmin, said “The researchers are very excited about the results of this study, but must remind patients that this study is in its very early stages and the successes achieved in the rodent model may not carry over to humans. Also, there remain the questions about potential downsides and side effects. Until actual results in human clinical trials are available, the public shouldn’t hold out hope for this vaccine which like others before it may turn out to be much ado about nothing.”

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