New Bellingham Dog Daycare & Kennel Free Pet Boarding Facility Now Open

Bellingham's first kennel free pet boarding facility and 20,000+ square foot private dog daycare adventure park is now open.

A local pet care company called The Puget Hound has just launched Bellingham’s first “kennel free” pet boarding facility and private doggie daycare “adventure park.”

The renovation took a little bit longer than expected, but the new location boasts over 20,000 square feet of play yards for dogs to exercise and play together in. The private park features tunnels, slides, forts, ramps, platforms, bridges, pools, and seesaws, while the interior of the building provides open concept playrooms with padded rubber flooring, raised cots, benches, dog beds, couches, and even a miniature castle.

Unlike traditional boarding kennels, the renovated building will also allow for “pet sleepovers” complete with 24/7 supervision and more social interaction with both playmates and their caretakers. Since the site was formerly the old Whatcom Humane Society location and the building was originally designed as a traditional kennel, The Puget Hound has converted a few of the old dog runs into warmer “privacy suites” for dogs who prefer their own space in lieu of shared rooms. However, the majority of the building has been dedicated to the kennel free concept.

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The reason for choosing to create a predominantly “kennel-free” facility was based on client requests. The company has offered pet sitting services prior to this new location and many of the reasons for those requests were due to clients feeling badly about leaving their pets in cages overnight or for longer durations. Many dog owners prefer that their furry companions receive 24 hour attention and care, and the group environment has proven beneficial for many dogs who would otherwise suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Another convenient aspect of the new facility is the proximity to the local airport as well as being just outside of Bellingham’s city limits. Because kennels aren’t allowed within the city, this new location will be the closest option to town for many residents, and especially convenient for travelers who will be departing from or arriving to Bellingham’s airport.

The company also plans to eventually offer additional pet boarding for other small animals (cats, birds, rabbits, lizards, etc), as well as carrying pet supplies, and possibly even grooming and training services in the near future.

The new location is now open to the public, and the company is offering a free week of doggie daycare to a limited number of new clients to try out the facility and see it for themselves. Interested parties can claim their free bonus by visiting:

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