New Bedford MA Marriage Counselor Couples Therapy Zoom Online Services Launched

Amidst the current pandemic, New Bedford, Massachusetts, marriage counselor Andrew Aaron, LICSW launched a new range of professional online couples therapy and marriage guidance via Zoom.

Andrew Aaron, LICSW, a professional marriage counselor in New Bedford, Massachusetts, announced the launch of online couples therapy and marriage guidance via Zoom during the current pandemic. Unlike most other therapists, Andrew Aaron specializes in helping couples and individuals with the challenges of love, intimacy and passion.

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Life in lockdown has been tough on many relationships, with many couples seen spending long periods of time together, often in close quarters. The newly launched online marriage counseling solutions at Andrew Aaron, LICSW help couples achieve and maintain a satisfying and loving relationship, even during these uncertain times.

Amidst the global health crisis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends social distancing. This means that individuals are encouraged to limit unnecessary social contact. In response, many people are changing the way they conduct business, including therapists.

Up until the pandemic, Andrew Aaron, LICSW was direct care. Experienced marriage counselor Andrew Aaron also had to ensure that his future sessions would be remote by phone or video. Thus, he has invested in video sessions to be able to help his patients feel better and improve their marriage.

During this difficult time, the dedicated marriage therapist and couple counselor is still helping couples maintain the passion in their relationship and support the growth and well-being of each other.

Andrew Aaron, LICSW, graduated with a Masters degree in Social Work from Simmons College, Graduate School of Social Work in 1994. Over the past 25 years, he has helped hundreds of couples and individuals get beyond problems, feel better and love more fully.

Andrew Aaron said: “The suddenly changed world has been a kind of business roulette with many businesses left high and dry but also with surprising winners as the flow of dollars has shifted. While my heart goes out to all those who have been harmed by the impact of the pandemic, I am grateful that the internet saved my business.”

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