New Australian Website Lets Customers Buy Essential Oils At Wholesale Prices

​Independent Wellness Advocate, James Thomas has a built a new website at allowing customers in Australia and also New Zealand to more easily and conveniently order doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils online at a 25% discount off retail prices.

A new website has just been launched in Australia that allows lovers of high-quality doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils to place their orders online at wholesale prices.

Independent Wellness Advocate, James Thomas, creator of said, “Being able to order these amazing essential oils online with just a few clicks of a mouse, and have them shipped direct from the doTERRA Australia warehouse makes it so incredibly convenient for customers.”

Currently, customers have two options when ordering from the website.

1) Shop in the retail section of the online store and purchase their oils at retail prices.


2) Pay a AUD $35 annual fee and sign up as a wholesale member or ‘Wellness Advocate’ and get access to discount wholesale prices.

Currently, wholesale members can purchase their doTERRA essential oils, supplements, and essential-oil based skin care products at up to 25% off the retail price.

Plus, if first-time customers purchase oils as part of a nominated ‘enrolment kit’ or starter kit, such as the Home Essentials Kit (which includes a Petal Diffuser), Aromatouch Kit, or Essential Collection Kit (there are several more kits available too), the $35 annual membership fee is waived for the first year.

Furthermore, these certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oil enrolment kits actually represent ‘better than wholesale’ value as it costs more money to purchase each single oil and oil blend individually at wholesale prices than it does to buy them together as a kit.

James says, “Signing up as Wellness Advocate online and buying an enrolment kit is the smartest way to buy essential oils from doTERRA. Not only is ‘better than wholesale’ prices, but there are lots of other benefits too, such as being able to earn product points on purchases and redeem them for free products with doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program. It’s a win-win situation.”

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